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Meditating on the Beach


Wolfe Non-Surgical and Whole Life Coaching are the game-changers of self-healthcare today!

You can have the perfect day from the moment you rise till you gently close your eyes. Monica's consultations will surpass your expectations on all levels of health and wellness. She provides 6 weeks of unlimited support because your success is her success. As you grow, she will continually grow your program for you. A healthy relationship with your consultant and yourself is the key ingredient to reclaiming and maintaining the life you deserve. All your questions matter because you matter.

Vibrant pain-free health

Design a lifestyle to avoid disease

Relieve aching joints

Glowing skin

Maintain a healthy weight

Better mental health, clarity, and focus

Balanced hormones

More energy

Create life-changing goals

Go over your health history & daily routine

Teach you how to make the best nutritional choices for your body

Create a plan of action to achieve extraordinary results

Give you simple daily detox protocols to fit your lifestyle

Give you recipe suggestions & access to informative booklets, audios & videos

Welcome Aboard!
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