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Watch This Video to Learn More About CellSonic

About CellSonic Therapy

CellSonic Very Intense Pressure Pulses (VIPP)

The CellSonic VIPP machine is a new branch of medicine that kills infection and triggers tissue regeneration. The origins of the technology go back forty years to removing kidney stones by shattering them with sound waves and this was the first ever non-invasive surgery. Since then the technology has been developed with new applications discovered. Drugs are not used so there are no side effects. VIPP is Very Intense Pressure Pulses which are fast bangs made by flashing high voltages across an electrode in a reflector containing water in a shock head. Gel is placed between the shock head and the patient with their body being largely water and the resultant pressure wave travels through the body without harming healthy cells and damaging unhealthy cells.


How does CellSonic VIPP work? The VIPP causes tissue re-generation by sending stem cells of the right type in the right quantity to exactly the right place. There have been cases of success in treating gangrene. In other words, serious chronic wounds are acute, and the healing proceeds. The machine has a hand-held treatment head on a flexible cable. From that head comes a sudden pulse directed into the body; the more sudden the pulse, the better the healing. The electronic components required to make the pulse as fast as possible are specially designed and made by Apex.  The list of uses for CellSonic ranges from alleviating aches and pains to wounds and broken bones. 


Why CellSonic Therapy?

Safe, Lowest Cost, Quickest Healing

The CellSonic VIPP machine is a new branch of medicine that can kill infection and trigger tissue regeneration.

The intense pressure pulse it produces can kill infection, increase vascularisation, and repair nerves without drugs or side effects. CellSonic works with the immune system to repair without the risk of collateral damage.

It can help with



Helps repair non-union fractures, alleviates aching joints, enhances muscle power, and helps repair nerves.

Pain Removal/Carpal Tunnel

CellSonic can remove the cause of pain. The intense pressure pulses help repair nerves and regenerate new tissues. 


Mental depression can now be addressed safely without drugs or side effects.


Speeds up the healing of chronic wounds with equal success on venous and arterial ulcers.


Treatment with CellSonic has helped heal broken bones. 

Nail Fungus

Treatment with CellSonic can help kill the infection. 

Erectile Dysfunction

Treatments with the CellSonic VIPP Medical machine can help.


There seems to be no absolute cure but CellSonic does alleviate the suffering better than any other method and at a far lower cost.


Safe to use on the lungs. Increases respiration. 

Farm Field

CellSonic Healing on Horses

Boon came to Heartsong with swelling, tissue damage, and an open wound from a kick. After three Cellsonic treatments, the wound was healed.

 What works on humans also works on animals. 

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