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Meet Monica

Certified Non-Surgical Health Specialist 

Monica was born to German parents, the eldest and only daughter of five, and raised in Southern Minnesota near the small town of Stewartville near Rochester.  She always lived in the country and had four brothers. Her active life always included riding bikes, playing ball,  hiking in the woods, building forts, skiing, skating, and swimming. Their food was grown in the garden, and meat came from her grandpa's farm. She had a very healthy lifestyle growing up.

Monica's Story

Monica is the founder and CEO of Heartsong Health and Healing. Her passion for wellness and alternative medicine started as a young mother in the early 1990s. After health-related challenges with allergies and ear infections, Monica and her husband changed how they cared for themselves by eliminating dairy, processed foods, sugar, white flour, fluoride, and chlorinated water, replacing these with clean water, whole foods, and whole food supplements. They were never sick again. No more ear infections, allergies, menstrual cramps, or PMS. Very few colds, no major flu bugs. It was incredible. The whole experience catalyzed Monica’s passion for wellness and sharing how to improve quality of life with others.


In 2019, Monica created Heartsong, where she realized her dream of having an equine education facility. She offers lessons and brings in like-minded clinicians with the sole intention of furthering better partnerships and understanding between horses and humans. Her passion does not stop with training but also includes physical wellness. Physical wellness includes what we eat and drink, what we think, and where we are emotionally. She brings in osteopaths, cranial sacral and massage therapists, and energy workers. She has always wanted to find healing modalities with both horses and humans, and now she can offer these: CellSonic and Non-Surgical Bodywork.

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